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The Veterinarian's Guide to Residue Avoidance Management
Information is exclusively for labeled use(s) of FDA-approved food animal drugs.
For information on extra-label drug use, click here.
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Select a species, then a keyword for the indications you are searching for.
Example 1: The treatment for coccidiosis may be found using the part of the keyword, "coccid”, because “coccidian” isn’t actually found in the indications.
Example 2: If you are looking for “caprine respiratory disease” you may try a search for "respiratory" or “pneumonia” or "m. bovis".
Example 3: If you are looking for "mycoplasma bovis" try just "mycoplasma" or "m. bovis".
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Last reviewed July 24, 2019

View a list of drugs affected by the Veterinary Feed Directive at the FDA website and always consult the manufacturer's label before using any drug..