Food Animal Drug Recalls & Withdrawals


Effective April 9, 2018 - The sponsors of NADA's 047-055, 104-606, and 139-633 request the FDA withdraw these products because they are no longer manufactured or marketed.

Effective March 2, 2018 - FDA posted the Voluntary Withdrawal of Cupric Glycinate, NADA 031-971.

Updated October 27, 2017 - FDA Questions and Answers regarding Carbadox in swine.

Effective July 24, 2017 - Zoetis has requested the FDA withdraw NADAs 065-234 and 065-291 because they are no longer manufactured or marketed.

May 22, 2017 - Notification of withdraw NADA 009–505 F.S.H.-P Powder for Injection.

May 9, 2017 - Truxon, Inc. issues voluntary recall amitriptyline HCL and phenobarbital tablets due to potential label mix-up.

April 8, 2016 - The FDA is taking steps to withdraw approval of the swine drug carbadox due to safety concerns.

December 15, 2015 - Cancer drug for dogs (Kinavet-CA1) conditional approval expired and is now an unapproved animal drug with no legal marketing status.

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