FARAD in the News, Posts and Blogs

April 2016 - FARAD launches the long-awaited iPhone version of VetGRAM. Download yours for free at the Apple store.

January 2016 - Kansas State University's Mike Apley addresses some questions about VFDs in Beef Magazine entitled "Questions about VFD? Let's clear up the confusion."

August 2015 - Mike Apley, DVM, PhD at KSU offers insight to the FDA's final VFD rule in under "Vet's Opinion" at the Beef Magazine website.

May 2015 - Fact Or Chicken Poop: The Truth About the Withdrawal Period for Wazine.

September 2014 - Veterinary pharmacologist at K-State warns that eggs from backyard chickens pose potential consumption problems. Read the complete article.

November 2013 - Carrie Mess, a dairy farmer from Wisconsin learns about FARAD from Danielle Lindquist, a Vet student at NC State. Read her blog about it.

August 2013 - UF's College of Veterinary Medicine 'Veterinary Page' did a story on the new Android version of VetGRAM.

July 2013 - FARAD made its way into the latest issue of Dairy Herd Management.

June 2013 - The AVMA posted an article announcing FARAD's release of an Android version of VetGRAM. View the announcement here.

May 2013 - FARAD launches it's first app in the Google play store. Get the native Android app today!

February 2013 - The AVMA posted an article regarding FARAD's release of a new, mobile-friendly website and the anticipation of an Android app late Spring. Read the AVMA article.

April 2011 - The USDA posted an article regarding FARAD's role in Animal & Plant Biosecurity.