PMO Item 15r-Drug and Chemical Control

The 2015 Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) provides general requirements for drug labeling and storage on Grade “A” dairy operations. Specific requirements pertaining to drugs (use, storage, labeling, restrictions, etc.) are outlined in Item 15r of the PMO as well as two recent Memoranda of Information (M-I-12-11 and M-I-06-5).

The following are highlights of information contained in these sources:
  • Cleaners and sanitizers: store in properly identified, dedicated end-use containers.
  • Drugs & Drug Administration Equipment: store so that milk, milking equipment, wash vats and hand sinks are safe from contamination.
  • Animal Drugs: label properly and segregate drugs for lactating vs. non-lactating animals. The requirement for segregation of drugs can be met by using separate shelves in cabinets, refrigerators or other storage containers. Unapproved drugs shall not be used.
  • Non-Lactating Drugs: includes all drugs intended for use in dairy calves, dairy heifers, dairy bulls and dry dairy cows. These drugs must be segregated from drugs intended for use in cows that are currently being milked.
  • Lactating Drugs: limited to drugs that are specifically indicated on the drug label or on a veterinarian’s label for extra-label drug use to be used in specific class/species of lactating dairy animals. For the purpose of complying with Item 15r of the PMO, “lactating dairy animals” means those dairy animals that are currently producing milk.
  • Goats, Sheep & Other Dairy Animals: follow the storage system requirements listed above.


View the complete FDA copy of the 2015 Grade “A” Pasteurized Milk Ordinance