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If you are a licensed veterinarians, please use our FREE online submission form for questions regarding accidental chemical contamination or drugs used in an extralabel manner in food animals. Our pharmacologists are here to help you.

The WDI Lookup Tool provides FARAD-recommended WDI values for selected extra-label uses of a limited number of drugs. All values have been estimated by FARAD and are based on currently available scientific information.

Do you want to know when it's safe to consume products from your food animals after they have been treated with an FDA approved animal drug? Use our calculator tool to determine the safe withdrawal time, past present or future.

Search our online database of uses, restrictions and required withdrawal times (WDT) for drugs approved in food animal species. Search by drug name, active ingredient, approved species, administration route, drug type or indication.

Our sister site features detailed information and resources for Dairy Cattle, Poultry, Small Ruminants, Honey Bees, Organic Livestock Operations, Wildlife, drug handling, drug administration tips and more!

Search for chemicals in documents that have time versus concentration data for live animals with a focus on food animal species. Freedom of Information and European Medicine Agency summaries have been harvested into the database.