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FARAD DIGEST LIST | (No disponible en EspaƱol)

Listed in reverse chronological order, in PDF format.

32. Mechanisms of toxicity and residue considerations of rodenticide exposure in food Animals, January 2022
31. Update on withdrawal intervals following extralabel use of procaine penicillin G in cattle and swine, January, 2022
30. Honey bee medicine for veterinarians and guidance for avoiding violative chemical residues in honey, October 2021
29. Extralabel drug use in wildlife and game animals, September 2019
28. Extralabel drug use in small ruminants, October 2018
27. Consequences of fipronil exposure in egg-laying hens, June 2018
26. Considerations for extralabel drug use in calves, June 2017
25. Guide to FARAD resources: historical and future perspectives, May 2017
24. Avoiding violative flunixin meglumine residues in cattle and swine, January 2017
23. Egg residue considerations during the treatment of backyard poultry, December 2015
22. Effects of new sampling protocols on procaine penicillin G withdrawal intervals for cattle, November 2013
21. Update on on drugs prohibited from extralabel use in food animals, September 2009
20. Extralabel use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in cattle, March 2008
19. Current update on drugs for game bird species, November 2007
18. Extralabel use of penicillin in food animals, November 2006
17. Effect of formulation and route of administration on tissue residues and withdrawal times, November 2005
16. Aminoglycoside residues in food of animal origin, July 2005
15. Extralabel intramammary use of drugs in dairy cattle, June 2005
14. Antidotes in food animal practice, March 2005
13. Drugs approved for small ruminants, February 2004
12. Current approved drugs for aquatic species, January 2004
11. Evaluation of the advisory services provided by FARAD, December 2003
10. Update on FARAD food animal drug withholding recommendations, November 2003
  9. Extralabel use of ivermectin and moxidectin in food animals, September 2000
  8. Drugs prohibited from extralabel use in food animals, July 1999
  7. Primer on estimating withdrawal times after extralabel drug use, October 1998
  6. Prevention of residues in veal calves fed colostrum from dry-treated cows, July 1998
  5. Extralabel use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, October 1997
  4. Extralabel use of tranquilizers and general anesthetics, August 1997
  3. Extralabel use of oxytetracycline, July 1997
  2. Residue avoidance after topical application of veterinary drugs and parasiticides, May 1997
  1. Breaking new ground, March 1997


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