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Route of Administration Abbreviations

Below is an alphabetical list of the route abbreviations used in the VetGRAM lists.

AU Auricular (Otic); administration to or by way of the ear.
BUC Buccal; referring to the inside lining of the cheeks and is part of the lining mucosa.
EPI Epidural; administration upon or over the dura mater.
IA Intra-arterial; administration within an artery or arteries.
IART Intra-articular; administration within a joint.
ICAR Intracardiac; administration with the heart.
IDUC Intraductal; administration within the duct of a gland.
IFOL Intrafollicular; administered within the follicle.
IGAS Intragastric; administration within the stomach.
ILES Intralesional; administration within or introduced directly into a localized lesion.
IM Intramuscular; administration within a muscle.
IMAM Intramammary; administered within the teat canal.
IMRS Immersion; administered by immersing completely in solution.
INF Infiltration; administered in a diffuse pattern to multiple sites.
INH Respiratory (Inhalation); administration within the respiratory tract by inhaling orally or nasally for local or systemic effect.
IP Intraperitoneal; administration within the peritoneal cavity.
ISIN Intrasinal; administration within the nasal or periorbital sinuses.
ISYN Intrasynovial; administration within the synovial cavity of a joint.
IT Intrathecal; administration within the cerebrospinal fluid at any level of the cerebrospinal axis, including injection into the cerebral ventricles.
ITES Intratesticular; administration within the testicle.
IU Intrauterine; administration within the uterus.
IV Intravenous; administration within or into a vein or veins.
IVES Intravesical; administration within the bladder.
NAS Nasal; administration to the nose; administered by way of the nose.
NG Nasogastric; administration through the nose and into the stomach, usually by means of a tube.
OU Ophthalmic; administration to the external eye.
PAR Parenteral; administration by injection, infusion, or implantation.
PNEU Perineural; administration surrounding a nerve or nerves.
PO Oral; administration to or by way of the mouth.
PV Vaginal; administration into the vagina.
REC Rectal; administration to the rectum.
SC Subcutaneous; administration beneath the skin; hypodermic. Synonymous with the term SUBDERMAL.
SCi Subcutaneous Implant; administered by placing under the skin.
SL Sublingual; administration beneath the tongue.
TOP Topical; administration to a particular spot on the outer surface of the body.
TOPp Topical, Pour On; administered to the skin by pouring liquid over the back.
TD Transdermal; administered through the dermal layer of the skin.